FooPlugins has started transferring our old legacy FooBox license holders over to our new Freemius licensing system – a process that has taken a long time to figure out.

Our intention was to transfer legacy licenses to the new Freemius system much sooner but it has taken much longer than expected for a number of reasons. The main reason being that we could not decide how to handle some of the licenses we had made available to customers. More on that later.

How To Migrate?

We tried to make the process as easy for you as possible, but it will still require some effort on your end.

  1. Visit the Legacy License Migration page, where you can enter your current license key.
  2. If the license key is valid, it will generate a Freemius license key.
  3. You will need to download the new Freemius FooBox version (download instructions will be provided).
  4. Login to your existing site which uses FooBox Legacy.
  5. Deactivate and delete the old version of FooBox.
  6. Install the new Freemius FooBox and activate.
  7. After activation, you MUST enter your Freemius license key generated in step 2.

The Problems With Legacy FooBox

FooBox Legacy is the old version of FooBox (up to version 2.4.0) which uses our old in-house FooLicensing system. This system was another product that we developed at the time as there was no alternative that could do what we required. Over time, the focus shifted to the plugins and we no longer updated the licensing system. We also did not design the licensing system so that it could scale. This meant that as our customer base grew, more and more websites were “phoning home” to get version updates and info. We were basically DDOS’ing ourselves. We are also a small team, so we could not focus on improving the licensing system, so when Freemius came around, we jumped at the chance to leverage a focused licensing product that could grow independantly.

FooBox Freemius

The current, actively developed version of FooBox (we can refer to this as Freemius FooBox for this article) is using the Freemius licensing system. It is currently at version 2.7.0. There are a number of reasons to use Freemius which we knew would make a big difference to FooPlugins:

  • Freemius is a hosted licensing system built with scale in mind.
  • It is actively developed and is growing with new features day by day.
  • It is run by a well respected members of the WordPress community who know WordPress products.
  • Ability to download a free version of your product from the website
  • Ability to later upgrade to the premium version of the product, all inside your wp-admin!

Legacy FooBox Is No Longer Supported!

All legacy FooBox license holders can choose to continue using Legacy FooBox instead of having their license transferred to Freemius. BUT you get no further support or updates.

  • FooPlugins will only continue to support Freemius FooBox going forward. You can continue to get support, but that means you need to move over to the new system.
  • There will be no more feature improvements or bug fixes for Legacy FooBox with the exception of addressing any major security issues.

What You Got, You Keep!

To keep things simple and to keep old customers happy, we decided to give you the same as what you have now, plus a bit more in some cases.

  • If you have no license expiry in Legacy FooBox, then you will get a lifetime license in Freemius FooBox.
  • If you have unlimited domains in Legacy FooBox, then you get unlimited sites in Freemius FooBox.
  • If your license has an expiry date, we extended it by 3 extra months to sweeten the deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you expiring all of my Legacy licenses?

No, we are simply migrating to a new system in order to scale, as our old system was causing downtime and other issues. You can keep your existing Legacy licenses, but unfortunately we can’t offer support or upgrades. 

Why aren’t you providing support and upgrades for FooBox Legacy? 

The development required to maintain the FooBox Legacy licenses would be counterproductive. FooPlugins is committed to providing quality WordPress products, but this would not be possible if we had to spend time developing the old licensing system instead. Maintaining Legacy Licensing would consequently result in less support and development. Using Freemius, however, allows us to dedicate time to developing our offering, ensuring you have the products and support you need. 

So how does this help me? 

We apologize if this is an inconvenience for you, but we do have your best interests at heart. We have committed to ensuring that your new Freemius plan will match your Legacy plan. Moving to Freemius also ensures that you can easily upgrade FooBox Pro. It also means that we at FooPlugins can dedicate more time to providing the quality products and support that you deserve. 

What happens when my new Freemius license expires. What price will I pay?

You can choose to extend the license for another year at reduced price. You can contact us for more info as each query will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

My license is already expired. What now?

We will give you a coupon code so that you can purchase a new license at a discounted price.

I use Legacy FooBox on 2000 sites. Do I need to manually replace the plugin on all those sites?

Unfortunately, yes. There is no other way.

I am not migrating. What then?

You can choose to do that, but we will not support the plugin and you will not get any updates.