FooBox FAQ

What is FooBox?

FooBox is a responsive WordPress lightbox plugin. This means that it can open images, videos and html content in a lightbox above the webpage. In other words, your visitors don’t leave the page they’re visiting. Instead, a separate box opens above that page to display the image, form or other content.

FooBox is a responsive mobile-friendly WordPress lightbox plugin
FooBox Image Lightbox

What can I do with FooBox?

At it’s most basic, FooBox allows you to open images in a lightbox. This opens as a box or window above the page, without navigating away from that page.
But FooBox has other uses as well. With FooBox Pro, you can add html to your lightbox. This allows you to open videos, galleries, forms, iFrames, and more, all in FooBox.

Is FooBox easy to use?

Yes. FooBox works out of the box, so there isn’t any setup or configuration required.
FooBox PRO does come with additional themes and color options. To make the most of these, you would need to adjust the settings. But we’ve kept them simple and easy to use.
For more ways to configure FooBox, you can also have a look at our Documentation.

My site is mobile-friendly. Will FooBox work on it?

Yes; FooBox is a responsive lightbox. In other words, it scales automatically to fit the screen on which it is being viewed. If you’re on a phone or tablet, the image will scale down to fit the screen. This means FooBox is a mobile-friendly lightbox, which is an important consideration for any website.

Why do I need a lightbox?

There are many benefits to using a lightbox plugin. A lightbox allows your users to view a full size image without having to navigate away from the page. At the same time, you don’t have to use up precious page real estate by including the full size image on the page. You can simply use a thumbnail, which opens into the bigger picture.
Likewise, using a lightbox for forms, iFrames, videos and other content, ensures your users get the most from your site without having to open new pages or navigate away. Plus, a lightbox is a great way to include slideshows on your site.

How much does FooBox cost?

FooBox is free. It is available for download from WordPress at no cost to you. Simply download, install and start using it.
The premium version of FooBox comes in 3 plans, starting at $29,99 a year.

What’s the difference between FooBox Free and FooBox PRO?

FooBox Free is a simple WordPress lightbox plugin. It works out of the box and opens your images in a responsive lightbox. It works with WordPress galleries and displays image captions.
But for additional features and advanced customization, FooBox PRO is a better options. It comes with over 85 custom options, including the two PRO themes and five different colors. With FooBox PRO you can add video or html content to your lightbox. You can use the slideshow function. Plus there is WooCommerce Product Image Support.
Take a look at the FooBox Feature Comparison.

What support do you offer?

We use the support forum for our free plugin. We try to respond to these support queries as quickly as possible. However, we do give priority to premium clients.
FooBox PRO users can log a ticket on our support page. We will then endeavour to respond to the tickets as quickly as possible.