FooBox has been updated to v2.7.15 and it’s looking better than ever! The new and improved FooBox is all about faster speed and a better user experience.

What’s New?

FooBox is Faster

We’ve replaced the fonts in FooBox with SVG images. This has been built into the latest version of FooBox free and Pro, so you don’t need to do anything or change any settings. But what it does mean is that FooBox will be faster, which can help improve your site speed, and result in better SEO.

We’ve also updated the Getting Started page in FooBox Free. You now have easy access to a quick demo, and (as before) you can start your free trial of FooBox Pro from here.

FooBox update - Getting started

Also in FooBox Free, you can find out more about our other plugins: FooGallery and FooBar. You can access more information about these plugins from the FooBox settings page, or you can install them straight away. Plus, we’ve added a setting that allows you to force the FooBox trial notice admin banner to not show.

FooBox Update Changelog

Here is a quick rundown of the additions and fixes in the latest FooBox update.

  • Updated Getting Started page to include a CTA to open FooBox demo
  • Added new setting to force the FooBox trial notice admin banner to never show
  • Updated settings page with ratings CTA and included details of other plugins
  • Fix : Changed social sharing tab ID to avoid conflict with other plugins
  • Fix : fixed bug where FooBox was ignoring FooGallery filters
  • Update : Updated to latest FooBox client JS & CSS 2.4.2
  • New : Speed improvements (replaced font with SVG images)
  • New : Dropped support for IE7
  • Update : Freemius SDK