Responsive Image, Video and HTML WordPress Lightbox with Built-In Social Sharing

FooBox is the first fully responsive media lightbox plugin for WordPress, with the goal to make your images, video, and HTML content look beautiful on all devices.

FooBox transforms your dull image galleries and media elements into an awesome responsive experience, with built-in social sharing and sexy slideshow functionality to boot.

You have to see it to truly believe it – check out the demos below where you can see how FooBox changes at every screen resolution to best fit your mobile device.

FooBox works immediately with your existing WordPress Galleries. NextGen Gallery, Justified Image Grid and other plugins are not required (but are fully supported).  View FooBox Demos Now.

FooBox in Action on an iPhone

Check Out These Awesome Features

FooBox WordPress Lightbox Plugin-feature-responsive-image-sizing

Responsive Lightbox

FooBox adds beautiful and responsive image Lightbox capability to your WordPress-powered website. Images automatically resize correctly on all screen resolutions, and allow for easy forward and backward navigation. Not to mention there is a built-in slideshow with progress bar.

FooBox WordPress Plugin Responsive Social Icons Lightbox

Social Sharing

Make your images go viral! Each image has social sharing icons which allows your visitors to easily share them across the social network landscape. Deeplinking is also baked in, which means each image gets it's own unique URL. When that special link is visited, FooBox automatically opens that specific image! Supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linked In - more coming soon!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Not only does it resize to fit perfectly on mobile devices, but mobile users can also use swipe gestures to navigate through the image galleries. Running out of space and can't see the image in it's full glory? We have you covered - just tap the image to hide the social buttons and image captions. Tap again to bring them back.

FooBox Cool Captions

Cool Captions

Each image can have a title and a description as a caption. The caption can also contain HTML, so you can have links and even images inside the caption! The captions are also smart - if they take up more than 80% of the image on smaller devices, the description is hidden, showing only the title.

FooBox Built For WordPress

Built For WordPress

FooBox was built with WordPress in mind. There is out of the box support for WordPress attachment images and it works beautifully with WordPress galleries! Using HTML captions for your images? No problem - we support those too.

FooBox NextGen Gallery Support

We Love NextGen

Fully Integrated with NextGen V2!
FooBox has full support for NextGen galleries and was even featured on the NextGen-Gallery website. FooBox also supports NextGen images titles and descriptions to build up your captions.


See What FooBox Users Are Saying...

Foobox is definitely one of the best lightbox plugins I've used for WordPress. I had it up and running in seconds and it looked great on every device. John Turner - Creator of Coming Soon Pro

As a plugin developer myself I know how much effort goes into building a quality WordPress plugin. The guys behind FooBox have put out one of the most functional and polished lightbox gallery plugins I've ever seen and with the integrated social media sharing it's sure to get your visitors clicking! Josh Kohlbach - Creator of ThirstyAffiliates

FooBox worked as smoothly as butter. Clean install. Minimal settings to fiddle with. And then? Wa~la! I had a great looking and responsive lightbox and barely had to lift a finger. Thanks for creating such a brilliant plugin! Tea Silvestre - aka The Word Chef

I recently got a chance to try out FooBox and I love it. It's very simple to use and offers beautifully responsive lightboxes which I've already used in a couple of premium projects. Some nice social media buttons for helping those custom images go viral too! Daniel McClure - The Modern Entrepreneur

So What Can FooBox Do For Your Website and Business?

  • Your Lightbox images will become easily viewable on all devices screen sizes. No more frustrated users!
  • Your Lightbox images become easily shared on social sharing networks and become instant viral content and backlinking opportunities
  • Built-in support for several of the most popular image and SEO plugins you're probably already using
  • Fully customizable colors and settings to match your responsive Lightbox images to your website's existing design
  • Include your own custom Javascript and CSS for complete flexibility to meet any need you may have
  • Created and supported by committed members of the WordPress community with a heavy focus on customer satisfaction. We're no fly-by-night product creators!

Why FooBox?

The benefits and features of FooBox should be clear. If you create WordPress-powered websites for yourself or for your clients, opening images in beautiful Lightboxes is a must have feature for modern websites. More importantly, making sure those images are 100% responsive and fully functional on all the mobile devices in use today is no longer a choice if you want to offer your site visitors a seamless viewing experience. Not only that, but adding a social sharing layer to your beautiful Lightbox imagery creates the opportunity for your image page links to be shared more easily and therefore the ability to drive more traffic than would otherwise be available with existing Lightbox solutions for WordPress. Order FooBox now with the comfort of knowing that it adheres to WordPress development best practices and it is fully supported by committed members of the WordPress community.

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