FooNotify – Better Notifications For WordPress

What Is FooNotify?

FooNotify is an all-in-one notification plugin for your WordPress site. It will allow you to easily create unlimited notifications for your website in various styles, including bars, banners, popups and inline alerts, to name a few. All notifications will be responsive and work elegantly on all devices. It goes without saying that the notifications will be styled with a modern look & feel. Besides the ability to customize each notification completely, there will be an emphasis on usability and ease of use. FooNoitify will have a selection of pre-defined notification templates. For example, “Top Bar with Call To Action button”, “Bottom Bar to Accept Cookies”, “Exit Intent Popup”, “Slide-Out Social Share”, “Online Shop Welcome Mat”, etc. These templates will allow you to create great looking notifications in the shortest time possible.

Coming Soon!

FooNotify is still just a concept. Sign-up below and we will let you know when an alpha version is ready. Please include any feature requests or current issues with existing notification solutions.

What Are The Goals of FooNotify?

  • Increase conversion rates for click-throughs, email sign-ups, etc
  • Increase sales through cart reminders and sales promotions
  • Improve customer experience through conditional and targeted messages
  • Improve credibility through social proof alerts and messages

FooNotify Usage Examples

  • Announce promotions or sales in a header bar
  • When a visitor scrolls down to the end of an article, slide out a social share widget
  • Ask your visitors to accept cookies in a bottom bar
  • Showcase Social proof with mini FOMO (fear of missing out) messages
  • Show an exit-intent popup when a visitor tries to leave your site
  • After 5 seconds, slide out an email opt-in widget