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FooGallery comes with an album extension, which lets you sort your galleries into albums!

Responsive Album

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Demo - Image Viewer

The above album uses the responsive layout. This is similar in appearance to the responsive gallery, but each thumbnail now represents a gallery. Clicking on the thumbnail will open up that gallery, from which you can open the full-size images.

Features for the Responsive album include:

All-in-One Stacked Album

Demo Album

The All-in-one Stacked Album works a little differently. The thumbnails represent the various galleries, and clicking on a thumbnail will open up the gallery.

However, if you open a gallery in the responsive album layout, it will display the gallery using the settings you’ve selected for each gallery. In the stacked album, all galleries use a responsive-type layout.

This is effective for uniformity across your site and across your galleries. But if you want to maintain individual gallery settings, it is recommended that you use the responsive layout.

Another significant difference is that the stacked layout opens each gallery in the album space on the page. The responsive layout re-opens the page to display each gallery.

Features for the All-in-one Stacked album include:

The albums feature is a FooGallery extension. To use albums you will need to activate the extension from your FooGallery Extensions tab. To find out more about using albums, take a look here.

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