FooBox Gets Massive Sharing and Feature Updates

WordPress Lightbox Plugin with Social Sharing

FooBox was the first responsive lightbox plugin and the first to introduce a social sharing layer. When we released FooBox more than five years ago, the social network landscape looked much different than it does today. We’re happy to report that FooBox Pro has gotten a massive update to its social sharing codebase that keeps it on the leading edge but also allowed us to introduce some snazzy new features. Keeping up with changes on networks like Facebook and Twitter are hard. This is especially true when it comes to developing solutions that rely upon these networks and the seemingly constant … Read more…

7 Day Free Trial of FooBox Pro! (no credit card required)

FooBox Pro Free Trial

In a previous post we detailed some of the challenges of running (and growing) a plugin business. We showed you how we’ve implemented the Freemius platform in our free FooBox image lightbox plugin. One of the things we’ve been testing is allowing trials of FooBox Pro. This feature allows users to utilize the full feature set of FooBox Pro like social sharing, HTML, video, and more. In the past two months, we’ve been able to track a lot of data of how users are interacting with FooBox free, and it’s been invaluable thanks to Freemius. Allowing Pro Trials Works for All … Read more…

FooBox Update – v1.1.9

Best WordPress Lightbox Plugin

You may have read our last post about the changes we’re making to FooPlugins. I’m happy to report that things are moving along nicely.   1.1.9 New setting for dropping IE7 support (for valid CSS) Fix for when multiple jQuery versions loaded on page! Fix for not including scripts for setting ‘disable other lightboxes’ 1.1.8 IMPORTANT : clear your site cache when updating – if you use a caching plugin. Added clear cache message to getting started page Removed duplicate settings page Updated opt-in message Fix : loosing scroll position when scrollbars are hidden

FooBox Update – Version

FooBox WordPress Lightbox

We’ve just updated our FooBox Media Lightbox plugin with the following feature additions and updates. You should see this update become available in your plugins listing in the next 24 hours. —————————- * Fixed duplicate image settings when image protection enabled and captions disabled 2014.10.14 – version —————————- * Fixed slideshow timeout when decimal is used * Metro theme update to support sticky, full and hover buttons * Makes relative URL’s absolute 2014.10.08 – version —————————- * License Nag message to only show on plugins page and FooBox settings page * Fixed FaceBook feed dialog URL change * … Read more…

FooBox Update – Lightbox Animations, Integrations, and Bug Fixes

Lightbox animation effects plugin

We’ve just pushed an update to FooBox that brings it to v2.3.1.1. It’s now available as an automatic update for current license holders. This update includes some pretty cool new features. You can read the entire Changelog at the end of this post, but we’ll list some of the most interesting additions first. Opening and Closing Lightbox Animations Under the Look & Feel tab, you’ll see a new section named Opening/Closing Animations with these fancy new options. You can see examples of all the animations on the FooBox Demo Site, but here’s a quick GIF image to give you an idea. Bottomless … Read more…

Gems of Docs: Embed PDFs with FooBox Lightbox

Gems of Docs

Reliably embedding PDFs in a website is not as straight-forward as one might think. This is primarily because each browser handles PDFs differently. Some treat it only as a file, others as media, and Chrome even created its own unique PDF viewer. This means that users in every different browser will have a different experience with embedded PDFs. Enter PDF.js The good new is that the folks at Mozilla have been working on a really slick and responsive, cross-browser PDF embed tool. They just call it PDF.js. Here’s their demo of a PDF embedded into a page. Of course, no … Read more…

Gems of Docs: Custom Captions in FooBox

Gems of Docs

Today I’m starting a new series called “Gems of Docs”. I want to use this to highlight some features of our plugins that we’ve documented, but that seem overlooked. I also want to highlight great use-cases for how you can implement them on your site to excellent effect. Custom Captions in FooBox To kick off this series, I wanted to highlight my latest favorite tool in FooBox: Custom Captions. First, head over and read the docs article about it: Custom Captions. OK, so from that docs page you can see that you can do two cool things with Custom Captions … Read more…