Deep Linking and How To Use It With FooGallery and FooBox

Deep Linking and How To Use It With FooGallery and FooBox

Deep Linking refers to a URL that links directly to an item on a page, or to a page in a specific state. To explain this in more detail, a URL that is using deep linking will remember the state of a page, even when something like a lightbox has been opened on it. For example, if you open a form in FooBox PRO (when deeplinking is enabled), the URL will change. If you then copy and share this link, and someone clicks on it, it will open a page with the form opened in FooBox. FooGallery PRO similarly allows … Read more…

News: Multi-Level Filtering Now Available in FooGallery PRO

Multi-level Filtering Now Available in FooGallery Pro

FooGallery PRO now comes with Multi-level Filtering! This much-anticipated feature is designed to make frontend gallery filtering even easier, giving you improved user experience. We’re going to take a quick look at what multi-level filtering is, what it means for your galleries, and how you can implement it. What is Multi-Level Filtering? To get started, let’s discuss what we mean by Multi-level filtering. Before now, FooGallery PRO allowed you to add frontend filtering to your gallery. This made use of the Media Tags or Categories assigned to your images to create filters. These would display above a gallery, allowing users … Read more…

FooGallery Q&A: What You Need To Know About Our Responsive Photo Gallery

FooGallery Q&A: What you need to know about our responsive photo gallery

FooGallery is a responsive photo gallery. But what does that mean? And what else do you need to know about this WordPress plugin? We’ve moved the answers to these, and other questions to our FooGallery FAQ’s. Or you may find some of these links useful: FooGallery FooGallery Free vs Pro comparison Pricing

FooGallery Free vs PRO: Features, Pricing and More

FooGallery Free vs PRO: Features. Pricing and More

FooGallery is a WordPress media gallery plugin. It allows you to create beautiful media galleries and includes a variety of features. This lets you customize your gallery to suit your needs and your style. Below, we take a look at FooGallery Free vs PRO and provided a guide to the pricing for FooGallery PRO, so you can find the best fit for your site. FooGallery Free The free version of this media gallery plugin is certainly not lacking in features. It’s easily customizable and simple to use. When working on your gallery, you’re provided with an Instant Gallery Preview, which … Read more…

How To Setup Advanced Filtering In FooGallery PRO

Advanced Filtering FooGallery Pro

FooGallery PRO’s latest feature, Gallery Filtering, comes with a number of Simple and Advanced Filtering settings. The Advanced Filtering gives you a bit more versatility when it comes to customising your gallery. Below are the settings, with a guide on how to set each up. Selection Mode You can change the Selection Mode from Single (the default) to Multiple. In the Multiple Selection Mode, you can show all images from two or more tags – this is under the Multiple (OR) setting. Or you can set it to show images that only feature in all of the selected tags – … Read more…

How To Setup Gallery Filtering In FooGallery PRO

FooGallery Pro Filtering how to set up

Gallery Filtering, the latest feature on FooGallery PRO, allows you to filter your gallery using Media Tags and Categories. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create a filtered gallery, including assigning tags to individual images. Step 1: Add Images As with any image gallery, you first need to add your media. Once you have uploaded your images though, you can add your Media Tags and Categories. You will still see the sections for adding the Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description – add these in. If you scroll down a little further, you’ll now see additional fields for … Read more…

Gallery Filtering Now Available in FooGallery Pro

Gallery Filtering with FooGallery Pro

FooGallery Pro‘s latest update includes Gallery Filtering. You can now add media tags or categories to images in your WordPress Gallery, allowing you to filter the images by those tags or categories. This has been one of the most requested features since we released FooGallery PRO and it is immediately available for all existing license holders of FooGallery PRO at no additional cost. This is what the standard filtering looks like out of the box: As you add your images, you’ll be able to add multiple tags and categories to each image. These will appear above (or below) your gallery, … Read more…