How to Make a WordPress Resource Links Gallery with FooGallery and FooGrid

Our new FooGrid template for FooGallery was released recently and days after, we released an update with a new External Link feature.

This new feature has a variety of uses such as creating a visual resource list, a slick portfolio, and even a gallery of affiliate products.

Here’s an Example

Click a thumbnail to open it (just like a Google image search result). When the larger image opens, notice the link to “View Website”. Go ahead and click that link and imagine how you could use it on your own website or those of your clients.

The gallery was not found!



How It’s Done

Creating this type of gallery with external links requires two things:

  1. The free FooGallery plugin (and use of the built-in FooGallery Custom URL feature).
  2. The FooGrid template extension found here.

Step One

Gather your images and create your FooGallery.

Step Two

Enter the image metadata just as you normally would in WordPress but make sure to also enter a URL in the FooGallery Custom URL field.

FooGallery Custom URL Field
FooGallery Custom URL Field

Step Three

Select the FooGrid template and assign the proper External Link settings.

Choose the FooGrid Temaplate
Choose the FooGrid Template

Scroll down to the External Link settings in the Gallery Edit page and choose the appropriate options.

Set the External Link settings
Set the External Link settings

That’s it!

We hope you enjoy this new External Link feature of the FooGrid gallery template and as always, we’d love to showcase your usage of any of our plugins on our blog here.

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