Instagram Galleries Now Available in FooGallery PRO

FooGallery Pro has just been updated and includes two new gallery sources! Here’s a quick rundown.

New Sources For Galleries

FooGallery Pro 1.8.20 includes two new sources from which you can load galleries: Instagram and Post Queries. With these you can create new and interesting galleries that add real value to your site.

Instagram Galleries

We’ve had a ton of requests for this feature, so we’re super excited about this release. With FooGallery Pro, you can now load a gallery from your Instagram feed. It will show the posts from your Instagram account, and will automatically reflect any new Instagram posts you may add.

This is a great way to connect the different platforms of your brand, and to add some variety to your website. All you need is an Instagram account name for your gallery, so you could potentially add several different Instagram galleries to your site.

If, for example, you have a group of contributors for your travel bog, you could add an Instagram gallery for each of them. Anytime any of them added new posts from new destinations, these would appear in your galleries.

Here’s a screenshot of an Instagram gallery, using one of our developer’s Instagram accounts. As you can see, he likes his beer and barbecue 😋.

Instagram gallery

You can find out more about how to create an Instagram Gallery in this article.

Post Query Galleries

This gallery source allows you to use the Featured Images of your blog posts to create a gallery. You could also use featured images for pages, or a different post-type. This will allow you to display your posts (or pages) in a gallery.

You can also set the images in the gallery to open in a custom URL, essentially directing people from the gallery straight to the post on which they clicked. This feature also means that you can now use FooGallery as a post block.

Here’s an example of how this would appear. You’ll notice that when you add a new post, that featured image appears at the beginning of the gallery. In other words, the gallery will display your latest posts.

You can find out more about this feature here.

The ability to load galleries from another source is included in all of the FooGallery Pro plans.

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