We’re Looking for FooGallery Albums Extension Contributors

Today we’re putting out a call to the WordPress development community.

We’re asking for your help in creating an Albums extension for our free FooGallery plugin.

Why We’re Asking for Your Help

Finding Balance

We offer many free and premium plugins. WordPress and web development are our passions, but there comes a point when we have to draw a line on scheduling the development of free plugins (and extensions) and put other business priorities first.

Unfortunately, passion doesn’t pay the bills. It’s definitely a balancing act and the ebb and flow of monetizing your time in the Open Source community. I talked about this on the DradCast recently.

We’ve declared 2014 the “year of media” at Foo and developing an extensible gallery plugin was an integral part of that declaration, but there’s another step that we have to complete before we can continue with developing the long list of FooGallery extensions we have planned.

The Albums Extension

If you have FooGallery installed you may have noticed that the Albums extension is already listed as a built-in option, but that it’s “Coming Soon”.

It was our intention to have Albums completed before launch, but it was one of those hard decisions we had to make in order to ship FooGallery and move forward.

FooGallery Albums
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Albums Development Details

These are the highlights for how we envision the Albums extension to take shape.

  • It will be bundled in FooGallery like other default extensions.
  • Contributors can fork the FooGallery repo and submit pull requests on the development branch.
  • We see Albums being created as another Custom Post Type where users create Albums like they create galleries now except where they would now add attachments/images/media to galleries, for Albums they would add galleries.
  • The same way we store attachments for a gallery is how we would store galleries for an Album.
  • We want to show which Albums a gallery is linked to on the gallery edit page.
  • We want to have Album templates, similar to how we have gallery templates.
  • It needs a new shortcode for Albums.

What’s In It For You?

You’ll get Internet Famous to start;)

Seriously though, as a developer you already know the benefits of contributing to Open Source projects so I won’t go into the “good karma and making the web a better place” speech.

Aside from the satisfaction and pride of contributing, here are a few more benefits to consider:

  • Our undying love and appreciation
  • A free Business license for FooBox and FooGallery Custom Branding
  • A contributor listing within the extension with a link to your site
  • Familiarity with our code which will allow you to more easily create your own extensions and templates, which we can help you to promote (whether they are free or paid)

How to Get Started

  1. Submit a pull request on the Albums branch.
  2. Review the available Actions and Filters documentation.


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