Seriously, ask yourself this question: “Is there anything FooBox CAN’T do!?” I mean, it’s a lightbox for images, galleries, maps, videos, slides, PDFs, forms. Now this short article will show you how it can also be a lead generation tool.

FooBox OnLoad Shortcode

First, go check out our detailed documentation on making FooBox load when the page loads.

So you’ll notice that this enables you to load a FooBox instance immediately when the page loads. All this takes is adding the shortcode anywhere on your page and FooBox will load the very first instance of FooBox on the page. You might want to add your hidden div at the top of your content of the page to make sure that is what gets loaded.

Because it’s shortcode based, you can choose which page or post to apply this to. Also, if you want to enable it for your whole site, you could add the shortcode into your template using WordPress’ do_shortcode() function and place the FooBox instance you want to appear into your header.php file so it’s always the first instance no matter what.

Great Use Cases

This could be used for a lot of great things. Here’s just a few ideas:

  1. Lead Capture Form. This is the thing most people immediately think of when they see a lightbox plugin. They want to capture emails of their visitors. There’s lots of really great and robust Lead Capture tools, and this cannot replace them. But if you’re already using FooBox and, for example, Gravity Form, why not leverage them to capture some emails?
  2. Welcome Message. Tell users you’re glad they came to your site. Give them a heads up on how to navigate through the site.
  3. Welcome Video. Take it to the next level and make a Welcome Video and embed that with FooBox.

Show Us What You’ve Got

Are you using the OnLoad feature. Put a link in the comments below. We love seeing FooBox being used creatively “in the wild!”