FooGallery PRO Commerce

We’re building an ecommerce solution for FooGallery PRO! Our aim is to help you sell your images, or other products, through our awesome media gallery plugin.

FooGallery PRO Commerce will give you the features you need to turn your gallery into revenue. Some of the awesome new features you can expect, include:

  • Full WooCommerce integration & compatibility!
  • Create a dynamic gallery from your existing products.
  • Add items from your gallery directly to your cart.
  • View product details and variations in the lightbox.
  • Sales ribbons/banners for gallery items.
  • CTA buttons for gallery items.
  • Right-click image protection.
  • Advanced image watermarking.

PRO Commerce in Action

Here’s a look at the new FooGallery plan. Below, you can see a product gallery, loaded dynamically from WooCommerce products. You can include details like the price and name, and add a ribbon/banner to products on promotion. Buttons can be added to view the product or add you can add products directly to the cart.

FooGallery PRO Commerce product gallery

Clicking on View Product will open the item in the lightbox. Here you can view product information and, if there are variations of a product, you’ll be able to select these in the lightbox. And of course, you can add products to the cart from here. You can even scroll through the other products in the gallery.

commerce gallery showing single product in lightbox

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at the settings included in FooGallery PRO Commerce. As you can see there are all sorts of adjustments you can make, allowing you to tailor your product gallery to suit your needs.

PRO Commerce settings

When Will It Launch?

We’re almost ready to release FooGallery PRO Commerce. It will be released as a separate FooGallery plan, and will include all of the features available in PRO Expert, along with WooCommerce compatibilty, image protection, and image watermarking.

Before we release, though, we need to make sure that we’ve ticked all of the commerce boxes. So we’re looking for beta testers to take PRO Commerce for a spin. We’ll give you a free trial, so you can test the new features for yourself.

Then let us know what you think!

Can’t wait to try it? Sign up for PRO Commerce beta testing below, and we’ll contact you with the details.