Use gradient colors and animation effects to draw attention and increase interactions

Boosts Conversions

Create CTA’s, Countdowns and Sign-Up Bars to improve on sales and generate leads.

Effective Communication

FooBar makes it simple to keep customers well-informed, building trust in your brand.

Advanced Visibility

Choose when and where FooBar displays, with scheduling and conditional visibility settings.

Simple Setup

FooBar is easy to set up and quick to customize, with realtime previews and intuitive settings.

Premade Templates

Choose from a range of preset layouts, each designed to achieve specific results.

FooBar Makes Good Business Sense

Better Notification Bars. Higher Conversions. Happier Customers.

FooBar Demos

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FooBar Free Features

The FooBar Notifications Lite plugin includes some awesome features to help take your customer communication to the next level!

  • 3 Premade Templates
  • Demo content
  • Frontend & Realtime Previews
  • Top or Bottom Positioning
  • Copy-to-clipboard Shortcode
  • Custom Content settings
  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Customizable Toggle
  • Custom Visibility
  • 8 Color Schemes
  • CTA Button
  • Transition Animations

FooBar PRO Features

Advanced Layouts

FooBar PRO includes additional bar type templates, with advanced elements.

The Sign Up Bar integrates with Mailchimp, so you can capture leads directly from your notification bar.

Or you can drive sales with the Countdown Bar. This bar ticks down the time, generating FOMO, building excitement and encouraging customers to Buy Now!

Advanced Layouts for notification bars
WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

The free shipping bar is a great addition for any online store using WooCommerce. The bar integrates with the shopping cart, allowing you to offer free shipping for orders over a set amount.

The bar includes:

  • An initial Free Shipping offer.
  • A Progress slide, appearing once a customer adds something to the cart.
  • A Success message for when a customer meets the required target; this includes a button taking customers directly to their cart or checkout.

Click To Tweet Bar

Boost your social media engagement by adding Tweet bars to your content. This bar-type lets you compose Tweets within the bar, which visitors can then easily click.

You can add links to your Tweet as well. Plus you can add @mentions which will link back to that Twitter profile from the bar itself.

Find out more about the Click To Tweet Bar.

Click to Tweet bar
advanced customization in foobar pro

Advanced Customization

FooBar PRO includes a range of customizable features, so you can create unique notice bars that match your theme, draw attention, and stand out from the crowd.

  • Customize your bar with Custom Color Schemes, where you choose all the colors!
  • Make your bar POP with Gradient Colors.
  • Use Toggle Icons to make a statement and catch the eye.
  • Plus choose the Font Size that works best for your notification bar.

Versatile Visibility

You decide when and where your notification bars are visible.

Use the conditional visibility settings to select specific pages or page types on which to show your notification bars.

Plus, scheduling allows you to choose start and end times for your notification bars, so you never have to miss an opportunity.

versatile visibility settings
effective placements

Effective Placements

FooBar has 12 positions to choose from! Now you can place your notification bars where they will make the biggest impact.

  • Bars can appear at the Top or Bottom of your page.
  • You can display them Inline.
  • Or you can choose Left or Right, with the added options of making these fullscreen sidebars!

Open & Close Triggers

Trigger your bar to open and close! FooBar PRO Gives you various options for setting your notification bar to open or close. These triggers include:

  • a Time Delay
  • Exit Intent
  • When a visitor scrolls down
  • When a specific element becomes visible
  • Or when a specific element is hidden
open and close triggers for foobar
attention grabbing effects

Attention-Grabbing Effects

Our premium notification bars are designed to grab your visitor’s attention with special animated effects for buttons and toggle elements. Make your buttons pulse or set your toggle to wiggle or bounce! These animations are designed to draw attention and help you convert.

Want to know more?

Find out more about FooBar in these frequently asked questions.

FooBar PRO Pricing


$39.99 $79.99 $169.99
per year
$5.99 $10.99 $29.99
per month
$119.99 $239.99 $499.99
once off
  • All Pro Features
  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Premium Support
  • Software Updates

Best For: power users or online businesses


  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • WordPress Support Forum
  • Software Updates

Best For: startups

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