Attention-Grabbing Designs

Capture visitors’ attention with eye-catching gradient colors and mesmerizing animation effects that boost interactions.

Increase Sales and Generate Leads

Create Countdowns, Sign-Ups and Free Shipping Bars to improve on sales and capture valuable leads.

Build Trust with Effective Communication

FooBar simplifies customer communication, keeping them well-informed and fostering trust in your brand.

Advanced Visibility and Control

Choose when and where FooBar displays, with scheduling and conditional visibility settings.

Easy Setup with Customizable Templates

Set up FooBar quickly and customize it effortlessly with real-time previews and intuitive settings.

Premade Templates for Specific Results

Choose from a range of preset layouts, each designed to achieve specific goals for your business.

FooBar Makes Good Business Sense

Better Notification Bars. Higher Conversions. Happier Customers.

FooBar Demos

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Unlock the Power of FooBar’s Free Features

The FooBar plugin includes awesome features to enhance your customer communication!

  • 3 Premade Templates
  • Demo content
  • Frontend & Realtime Previews
  • Top or Bottom Positioning
  • Copy-to-clipboard Shortcode
  • Custom Content settings
  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Customizable Toggle
  • Custom Visibility
  • 8 Color Schemes
  • CTA Button
  • Transition Animations

Discover FooBar PRO Features

Advanced Layouts

Unlock advanced bar types and elements with FooBar PRO!

The Sign Up Bar: integrate with Mailchimp to capture leads directly from your notification bar.

The Countdown Bar: Create urgency, excitement, and FOMO to encourage customers to “Buy Now!”

Advanced Layouts for notification bars
WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

The free shipping bar is a great addition for any online store using WooCommerce. The bar integrates with the shopping cart, allowing you to offer free shipping for orders over a set amount.

The bar includes:

  • An initial Free Shipping offer.
  • A Progress slide, appearing once a customer adds something to the cart.
  • A Success message for when a customer meets the required target; this includes a button taking customers directly to their cart or checkout.

Click To Tweet Bar

Boost your social media engagement by adding Tweet bars to your content. This bar-type lets you compose Tweets within the bar, which visitors can then easily click.

You can add links to your Tweet as well. Plus you can add @mentions which will link back to that Twitter profile from the bar itself.

Find out more about the Click To Tweet Bar.

Click to Tweet bar
advanced customization in foobar pro

Advanced Customization

Tailor your notification bars to match your theme, stand out, and draw attention.

  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Gradient Colors for a Pop Effect
  • Toggle Icons for Eye-Catching Appeal
  • Choose the Best Font Size for Your Bar

Versatile Visibility Settings

Decide where and when your notification bars are visible.

  • Conditional Visibility Settings for Specific Pages or Post Types
  • Schedule Start and End Times to Never Miss an Opportunity
versatile visibility settings
effective placements

Effective Placements

Choose from 12 positions to make the biggest impact with your notification bars.

  • Top or Bottom of Your Page
  • Inline Placement
  • Left or Right Placement
  • Fullscreen Sidebars for Extra Visibility

Open & Close Triggers

Trigger your bar to open and close! FooBar PRO Gives you various options for setting your notification bar to open or close. These triggers include:

  • a Time Delay
  • Exit Intent
  • When a visitor scrolls down
  • When a specific element becomes visible
  • Or when a specific element is hidden
open and close triggers for foobar
attention grabbing effects

Attention-Grabbing Effects

Utilize animated effects for buttons and toggles to draw attention and increase interactions. Our premium notification bars are designed to grab your visitor’s attention with special animated effects for buttons and toggle elements. Make your buttons pulse or set your toggle to wiggle or bounce! These animations are designed to draw attention and help you convert.

Want to know more?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about FooBar.

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  • All Pro Features
  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Premium Support
  • Software Updates

Best For: power users or online businesses

FooBar FAQ

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Supercharge Your Website with FooBar: Boost Conversions, Engage Visitors, and Drive Sales

Are you looking to take your website to the next level? Look no further than FooBar, the ultimate WordPress notification bar plugin! With FooBar, you can transform your website’s communication, engagement, and conversions effortlessly.

Skyrocket Conversions with Attention-Grabbing Bars

FooBar’s attention-grabbing designs with gradient colors and captivating animation effects will ensure your visitors can’t resist taking action. Whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, exploring limited-time offers, or making a purchase, FooBar will drive results like never before.

Engage Customers and Build Trust

Effective communication is the key to building trust with your audience. FooBar makes it simple to keep your customers well-informed, enhancing their overall experience and fostering trust in your brand. Show your visitors that you value their time and attention with eye-catching notification bars.

Complete Control and Versatile Visibility

FooBar puts you in the driver’s seat with advanced visibility settings. Choose where and when your notification bars appear using conditional visibility and scheduling options. Ensure the right message reaches the right audience at the perfect moment, maximizing the impact of your promotions and announcements.

Advanced Customization for Unique Branding

Your website deserves a unique touch, and FooBar PRO delivers just that. Stand out from the crowd with custom color schemes, gradient effects, toggle icons, and font size options. Tailor your notification bars to match your brand identity and make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Diverse Bar Types to Achieve Your Goals

Whether you want to grow your email list with the Sign Up Bar, create urgency with the Countdown Bar, or offer free shipping incentives with the WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar, FooBar has you covered. Unlock powerful bar types to align with your specific business objectives.

Easy Setup, Real-Time Previews, and Quick Customization

FooBar’s user-friendly interface makes setup a breeze. See your changes in real-time with frontend previews and customize your bars quickly and intuitively. Save time while creating high-impact notification bars that resonate with your audience.

Try FooBar Risk-Free

Still not sure if FooBar is the right fit for your website? No worries! Take advantage of our 7-day free trial to explore all the premium features and see the difference FooBar can make in boosting your website’s performance.

Unleash the Power of FooBar Today

Join thousands of satisfied users who have already transformed their websites with FooBar. Whether you’re an established business or just starting, FooBar will take your online presence to new heights, increasing conversions, engaging customers, and driving sales.

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