FooBox Update – Envira Pro Gallery Support – Version

We’ve just updated our FooBox Media Lightbox plugin with the following feature additions and updates. You should see this update become available in your plugins listing in the next 24 hours. —————————- * Fixed pixel density check on mobile * Fixed social showOnClick 2014.11.18 – version —————————- * Added support for Envira Pro Gallery 2014.11.14 – version —————————- * Mobile button fixes for sticky+full buttons 2014.11.04 – version —————————- * Fixed nextgen Foobox lightbox option not showing in some instances * Social share button fixes for no-buttons * Removed button check on resize when showing IFrames

FooBox Update – Version

FooBox WordPress Lightbox

We’ve just updated our FooBox Media Lightbox plugin with the following feature additions and updates. You should see this update become available in your plugins listing in the next 24 hours. —————————- * Fixed duplicate image settings when image protection enabled and captions disabled 2014.10.14 – version —————————- * Fixed slideshow timeout when decimal is used * Metro theme update to support sticky, full and hover buttons * Makes relative URL’s absolute 2014.10.08 – version —————————- * License Nag message to only show on plugins page and FooBox settings page * Fixed FaceBook feed dialog URL change * … Read more…

Simple Portfolio Template for FooGallery

WordPress image gallery plugin

FooGallery 1.1.8 was released recently with two new templates included in the default templates extension. These are the Simple Portfolio and Justified Gallery templates. Simple Portfolio Gallery at a Glance One of the really appealing features of the Simple Portfolio Template is the ability to add Titles and Descriptions below each of your images. This is done by clicking on the “i” icon on the image within the “Gallery Items” editor. From there, you can add your title into the “Caption” field. And your description into the “Description” field. Note that simple html is supported in the “Description” field, so … Read more…

Custom Branding for FooGallery Released

Custom Branding for FooGallery

Rebrand FooGallery and be the hero your clients pay you to be! Today we’re very happy to announce the immediate availability of the first and only white label gallery solution for WordPress. By combining our free FooGallery plugin with our new FooGallery Custom Branding extension, you can easily deliver a custom gallery management tool, complete with your company brand name. The Ideal Solution for Agencies and Freelancers Less Confusion For Your Clients Handing over sites to clients can get dicey, especially when they see dozens of differently named menu items from various plugins. Do your clients a favor and make … Read more…

FooBox Update – Lightbox Animations, Integrations, and Bug Fixes

Lightbox animation effects plugin

We’ve just pushed an update to FooBox that brings it to v2.3.1.1. It’s now available as an automatic update for current license holders. This update includes some pretty cool new features. You can read the entire Changelog at the end of this post, but we’ll list some of the most interesting additions first. Opening and Closing Lightbox Animations Under the Look & Feel tab, you’ll see a new section named Opening/Closing Animations with these fancy new options. You can see examples of all the animations on the FooBox Demo Site, but here’s a quick GIF image to give you an idea. Bottomless … Read more…

7 Reasons Why Slack Team Communication Strengthens Our Business

Slack - Be less busy

If you work on a remote team, much like we do at FooPlugins, or if you’re just starting to work from home, you’ve probably struggled with clear communication. As our business has grown, we’ve found that our team communications were becoming increasingly cluttered and hard to keep track of in our email inboxes. Often times, we just need to send a simple message to each other to update the others on the progress of some company task. We were doing this via email, Skype, and even texts. But Here’s the Problem Although certain progress needed to be communicated to one … Read more…

How to Enlarge Thumbnails in the Media Library

Media Thumbnail Enlarger Before and After

Our friend Nick Ciske has recently released the Media Thumbnail Enlarger plugin for free on the WordPress repository. What This Plugin Does This plugin increases the size of the media library thumbnails seen when viewing your WordPress Media Library page. By default, it uses the thumbnail size as determined in your WordPress Media Settings. This is typically 150×150. You can also set a custom Media Library Thumbnail size using a simple image size code snippet in your theme’s functions.php file, which is probably where this plugin will be most useful. add_image_size( ‘mte_thumbnail’, 300, 300, true ); … or whatever size … Read more…