Selling Digital Products – How We Do It

If you’ve been around the WordPress community for any length of time, you know that there are many eCommerce plugins to help you sell both digital and physical products through the WordPress platform. What you may not know, and what I’m going to share with you today, is the eCommerce plugin we choose to power FooPlugins and how you can utilize the same plugin to sell your own digital products.

Selling Digital Products

Whether you’re a WordPress plugin or theme developer, ebook author, musician, or any other creator of products able to be delivered through downloads, you should be selling them through WordPress. We hope that outlining our method will help you to make an informed decision on the eCommerce plugin you should consider using.

We Researched and Tested…A Lot

Our entire team has been utilizing WordPress since the beginning and in that time, it’s safe to say that we’ve used every single WordPress eCommerce plugin ever created. Seriously.

When we decided to create to sell and deliver our WordPress and jQuery plugins, we all had our preferred eCommerce plugins already. As you know, in any niche there are usually at least a few solutions in the way of WordPress plugins to choose from.

Many times the preference of which plugin to use is based more on the personal feeling one gets when navigating through the user interface rather than the actual functionality of the plugin…because let’s face it, if an eCommerce plugin even exists, it’s likely it does the job of listing products, accepting payments, and delivering those products.

Note: Please don’t use the comments section to bash those eCommerce plugins that have had some serious issues in the past;)

Why We Choose Easy Digital Downloads

I could go on and on about the reasons why we choose to go with EDD to power FooPlugins, but all the reasons really are best summed up in the following list.

  • Cost
  • Development Philosophy
  • Number of Available Extensions (and cost if these extensions)

EDD hasn’t been without its bumps in the way of bugs, but feedback is always responded to quickly and updates come quickly. It’s not surprising given Pippin’s thoughts on customer support.

The Easy Digital Downloads Video Course


Before we started FooPlugins, I did a lot of client training and also ebook and video course creation. I decided to use my knowledge of Easy Digital Downloads and turn it into a video course. It’s available now right here on This is a paid course, but that link will get you the course for a mere $24.

The course is geared more toward someone either new to creating downloadable products and using eCommerce plugins in general, but I also hope it’s useful as an overview of the EDD settings and features for everyone.

More WordPress Business Resources are Coming

I also want to let you know that we’ve been quietly working on a few other projects within our company structure that we’re really excited about. One of those projects includes a resource area targeted specifically toward powering your business with WordPress.

More on that later…


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    Hi Adam

    Looks like a real winner! Have been on the lookout for a simple but powerful eCommerce solution for my WordPress-driven site and it looks like as if this will do just very nicely 😉 Keep up the good work guys!



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