Pressgram and FooBox – An Imminent Love Affair

Have you heard of Pressgram? It all started with a Kickstarter campaign named Pressgram: An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web. In 30 days, John Saddington raised $56,500 to build an iOS app that will be 100% free and build a bridge for images between your iOS device and your WordPress-powered website.

Here’s the beginning of John’s mission statement:

The premise is simple: I wanted to post filtered photos from my iPhone 5 but without worrying about any privacy or licensing issues (and we’re not interested in asking you to upload photo IDs). In other words, I wanted complete and total creative control of my images and content (as well as the pageviews).

This is our purpose – this is our mission.

Pressgram Philosophy

Fox News Live Interview with John Saddington

Pressgram Demo

Pressgram and WordPress

Pressgram and WordPress. How does it work?

Pressgram is not only a new image sharing app and community, it also integrates with both (self-hosted) and powered websites. Pressgram allows you to publish posts, including your Pressgram image, from the app directly to your WordPress site.

No need to use any other app or login to your site in order to share your Pressgram images to your blog or website. There’s even a Pressgram WordPress plugin to help you filter the homepage of your site from displaying your Pressgram posts.

Now that’s pretty cool.

Why a FooBox Love Affair?

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re familiar with, or even own, our FooBox Responsive Lightbox plugin. For those new to FooBox, one of it’s core features is opening images on your WordPress website in a lightbox and making them responsive so they look great on all mobile device screen sizes, complete with a ton of social sharing options. Click the image below to see FooBox in action:

Jetpack Tiled Galleries and FooBox

Are you seeing the connection?

Imagine you have a photo-heavy blog or website. Maybe it’s photography, food, crafts, or even a personal site where you share pictures of your kids and family events. You take and edit an image with Pressgram, upload it to your WordPress site and it gets published instantly as a new post. Your readers can then open the image in the FooBox lightbox to view your artistry in all it’s glory and then use the built-in FooBox sharing options to spread your work across the world.

All in a matter of minutes. Again, pretty cool. But there’s just one catch…

Why Imminent?

We’ve been lucky enough to be on the Pressgram beta team for some time and in our testing, there is one small feature that we need Pressgram to include in order to flow as we envision above. When you upload an image and publish it to your site, that image is not linked as it needs to be for FooBox to pick it up and display it within a lightbox.

We have been told that feature will be coming soon after the initial release of Pressgram and as of today, Pressgram is now available in the app store. We’re really hoping that this image linking feature gets into the next release and we’ll be sure to update this post when that happens.

That said, we love Pressgram and have been using it happily. We certain that it will only get better!

You can find me in the Pressgram community inside the app at username AdamW.

Adam W. Warner at Pressgram

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  1. says

    Like the outlook of having them both to share my images. (already own Foobox)
    The only problem at this very moment is the incompatibility with iOS 7 GM (Gold Master) I’m sure the Dev is well aware of that, so hopefully this can be solved within the next few weeks. Right now, the app crashes. Anyway, looking forward to a new workflow!

    • says

      There was an update to v1.1 that came through just last night. Unfortunately, I don’t think the image linking feature we were hoping for above wasn’t included.

      However, there were numerous bug fixes, and some specific to iOS 7, so make sure to see if there’s an update that addresses your crash issue.

      • says

        Hi Adam,

        Thanks for your quick response :)
        And yes indeed, the update fixex the iOS 7 GM crashes! Image linking is not available yet, but I can wait :) In the mean time, it’s a great addition to my personal workflow!

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