Easily Create Sliding Panels on Any WordPress Page or Post

SlideBars allows you to create sliding panels for your WordPress site. You can create as many as you like and assign them to specific pages or posts, or set a single one as a global default.

Use the familiar Visual Editor to create any content inside a Slidebar Content Panel. HTML and Shortcodes accepted!

SlideBars can also be Widgetized with the click of a button which sets them as normal WordPress sidebars. You can then use any Widget inside a SlideBar Sliding Panel!

SlideBars are Perfect for…

Calls to Action – Login Panels – User Membership Information – Related Posts – Mini galleries – Events listings – or anything your heart desires!

Check Out These Awesome Features

Get Visitors Attention Easily

SlideBars are the perfect way to draw your visitor’s eyes and attention to the content you want them to see most on any given page or post. With the plethora of design and positioning options, it’s easy to get the attention you desire.

Highlight Important Content

Highlighting your ever-changing and most important content on your home page, all pages, or specific pages and posts of your site has never been easier.

Running a product promotion? Create a SlideBar with details and a buy button. Collecting email subscribers? Use your form embed or shortcode inside a SlideBar. The uses for SlideBars are truly limitless.

Visual Editor for Easy SlideBar Content

Each SlideBar includes the standard WordPress Visual Editor feature for adding text, links, images and more to your SlideBar Content Panels.

Could it get any easier? It sure can, keep reading below...

Accepts Shortcodes from any Plugin

You read that right. Each SlideBar Content Panel accepts not only any HTML, but also any Shortcodes from any plugin in your WordPress installation.

Shortcodes from Gallery plugins, Forms plugins, eCommerce plugins, and more!

Set as Widgetized and Use Any Widgets

Instead of writing your own content inside any SlideBar Content Panel or using Shortcodes, what if you could simply use your existing Widgets inside of a SlideBar?

You can! You can simply choose to Widgetize any SlideBar you create and it instantly become available to you in Appearance-->Widgets as another Sidebar area of your site.

This means you can simply drag any Widget (or multiple Widgets) into your new Widgetized SlideBar!

Individual SlideBars Per Page or Post

You can set one Global SlideBar across all pages and posts of your site, but you can also choose to load individual SlideBars on individual pages and posts on your site.

This means you can can Unlimited Unique SlideBars on Unlimited Pages and Posts!