Restrict Publish

Restrict Publish allows administrators to the restrict the dates on which other users can publish.

For restricted users the plugin replaces the WordPress dropdowns and input boxes for date selection with the jQuery UI datepicker. This datepicker will have the ‘forbidden’ dates disabled.

If the user does try to publish (or schedule) on a ‘forbidden’ date, the post will be returned to draft status and an appropriate error message displayed.

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WordPress Publish Date Restriction Plugin

Restrict Publish Dates

Ensure your authors can only publish content on dates that you make available. This plugin is perfect or managing multi-author sites, or ensuring content is only published on selected days.


Restrict Publish Dates in WordPress Plugin

User Friendly

Offers an intuitive and easy to use user interface for both admins and authors. Restricted users will have their publish date options replaced by jQuery datepicker with forbidden dates disabled.


Restrict WordPress Author Publish Dates

Flexible Date Restrictions

Restrict the available dates by day of the week, month of the year and arbitrary dates.


Restrict WordPress Author Publish Dates on Custom Post Types

Custom Post Type Support

Restrict publish dates of any Custom Post Type on your site. Run an eCommerce site? Make sure that new products are only published on weekdays, weekends, or any days you wish. Run a church site? Ensure sermons are only published on Sundays.



Server-side checks when the post is published or scheduled ensure that the user has selected an available date. Admins with suitable permissions can opt to schedule or publish the post for any date.