A WordPress Workflow Plugin for Administrators.

PostFlow allows WordPress site administrators to create rules that trigger workflows under a specific condition. Your rules can target any post type on your site!

Workflows (or “Flows” as we refer to them) can be used to send off emails, log events to the database, call a custom URL or trigger a WordPress hook.

PostFlow Example Scenarios:

  • Send an email to subscribers when a new post is published.
  • Send an email to administrators when a new post is saved as draft.
  • Post to a custom action that will Tweet when a new page is published.
  • Make a call to an API when a product is trashed.
Check Out These Awesome Features

Unlimited Rules

You can have as many rules setup as you like. Creating a rule is as simple as adding a post. Choose the Post Type, the status and the Flow. Boom!

PostFlow - rules

4 Built-In Flows

Postlfow comes with 4 useful flows that can be used in any of your rules. And if you are a developer, you can extend postflow with your own custom flows very easily. The built-in flows are:

  1. Email
  2. Action
  3. URL
  4. Logging

PostFlow - Built-in flows

Easy Email Notifications

Configure your email flows to email all site administrators (or any WordPress role), or supply a custom list of email addresses. Include special "tags" within the email, for example "post_title" or "post_content". You can also send HTML emails.

PostFlow - email flow

Built-In Logging

Logging let’s you see what rules of yours are firing and what flows they are following. You can also see if there were any errors that occurred while a flow was triggered.

PostFlow - Logging

Developer Friendly

Creating a PostFlow Action Rule allows developers to hook into custom WordPress actions that you create. You could use this to kick off an external workflow within a separate plugin.

Do you have an non-WordPress system that you want to interact with when a rule is fired off? No problem, simply create a rule that uses a URL flow. This allows you to POST data to a URL of your choice when the rule condition has been met.

The sky is the limit with these developer friendly features!

PostFlow - Action flow