A Branded iFrame WordPress Demo Bar for Product Creators and Affiliate Marketers.

BrandBar retains your branding while providing an easy method for users to navigate through your product pages, demos, affiliate referral urls, or any other pages you’d like to feature on your site. All through an iFrame in WordPress.

Users can load any product page instantly, with simple navigation. Less clicks = a better user experience, and that means more sales and click-throughs.

BrandBar works like this:

  • Create and design your BrandBar using the numerous options including custom logos, colors, text, and the optional Mobile Device Selector.
  • Create a WP Menu for use in your BrandBar.
  • Create a WP page or post, and choose what BrandBar to apply to that page/post.
  • Create multiple BrandBars with completely separate content and apply them to individual pages.

BrandBar makes navigating your collection of your own products, recommended products, or any other collection of menus items you want your visitors to have quick access to. The sky is the limit in how you can utilize BrandBar.

Check Out These Awesome Features

BrandBar Plugin for WordPress

Multiple BrandBars

BrandBars are custom post types. Create as many BrandBars as you need. Display these BrandBars on single pages or posts.

Mobile Device Preview WordPress Plugin

Mobile Device Selector

With a simple checkbox you can set individual BrandBars to display a mobile device selector. This means that your users can view any content being displayed within your BrandBar page just as it would be seen on desktop and mobile screens.

Perfect for displaying demos of your mobile responsive products.

BrandBar WordPress Plugin menu Selection

Apply Any WP Menu to a BrandBar Page

Any menu you create with the standard WordPress menu functionality can be displayed in a BrandBar dropdown. Create special menus just for your BrandBar items, or even put your main navigation into a BrandBar to keep your site's pages clean and clear of bulky menus that take up too much space.

BrandBar Preload URL

Pre-Load any URL into BrandBar Pages

When you apply a BrandBar to your chosen page or post, you can define any url to be loaded first. Use this feature to highlight that product or recommended site you want your visitors to see first.

BrandBar Plugin Customization Options

Complete Customization Options

Add a custom logo, menu, colors, text, the optional Mobile Device Selector and more with the easy settings page. Also, instead of loading a menu into a BrandBar, you can optionally trigger a Javascript event. This allows for the ultimate in developer flexibility.

BrandBar WordPress Plugin Custom JS and CSS

Advanced Developer Options

Easily enter custom Javascript and CSS to be applied to individual BrandBars.