Introducing the FooBot

You might have seen our mascot lurking here and there in all our materials. What you probably didn’t know is that, its a “she” and her name is FooBot.

We just discovered that FooBot has a keen interest in learning more about Human behavior, specifically as it relates to web developers. More specifically: WordPress plugin developers.

We convinced FooBot to record and share her human developer interactions with us. We didn’t anticipate how snarky and “superior” she (thinks) she is. She’s already promised an Episode 2 with Brad Vincent and our upcoming plugin which is launching next week. So watch out for both the plugin and FooBot’s next interview.

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  1. says

    I might suggest rejiggering the opening sequence a little. Rather than starting with silence, you could show the fooplugins logo at the same time some music starts to play, then the music cuts out, foobot says something snarky, then the music comes back in as the title sequence resumes. The music finishes just before the scene cuts back to Foobot to lead in to the interview. It would give you a smooth intro, solid branding, and showcase Foobot’s perfectly superior smugness.

    Good first effort!



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