FooBox Version 2.0 Has Been Released

The best WordPress lightbox plugin just got better…much better. Foobox v2.0 has been released and is now available as an auto-update if you already own our lightbox plugin and available for purchase right here if you don’t.

This update will happen in stages over the next 24 hours. If you don’t see the update right away, don’t worry, it will be there soon!

What’s New in the FooBox WordPress Lightbox Plugin

I’ll try and keep this concise as we’ve already posted some details about the new features here, here and here.

  • Retina Ready with Font Icons
  • New Themes (or color schemes)
  • Video (now open any YouTube or Vimeo video in a lightbox in WordPress)
  • iFrame Support (open any webpage in a lightbox in WordPress)
  • Inline HTML Content Support (open any HTML content in a lightbox in WordPress, including Shortcodes. Boom!)

New FooBox Demo Site

You may have noticed a new demo site alongside the release of our BrandBar plugin a few weeks ago. We’re continuing the work of revamping our product demo pages and enhancing our FooBox demos was a natural next step. You can view the new demos of all the FooBox features right here.

I know what you’re thinking…”But Mr. FooBot, I just want to keep reading this awesome release announcement and I’m not ready to see the demos just yet.”

No problem, just click the links in the list below;)

New FooBox Extensions

Each of the extensions below require FooBox to work and were built specifically due to customer feedback on the features YOU wanted.

  • FooBox Google Analytics
    (track your FooBox image views in Google Analytics)
  • FooBox Multisite Settings
    (Releasing in 24-48 hours. Set and filter FooBox settings globally for the individual sites on your WordPress Multisite network)
  • FooBox Shortcode Generator
    (Releasing next week. More details below)

FooBox Shortcode Generator Extension Details

With the release of FooBox v2.0 comes full HTML, Video, and iFrame content options. By default, you’ll need to know a bit of HTML to take full advantage of these features. It’s not difficult and is documented right here.

However, we realize that not all end users are comfortable writing HTML content so we put on our thinking caps and came up with up the FooBox Shortcode Generator to make opening HTML, Video, and iFrame content in a FooBox lightbox dead simple with a slick point and click interface. We’re really proud of this plugin and are anxious to release it (scheduled for next week).

Here’s a preview image of what this plugin will enable you to do with FooBox: (some settings subject to change)

FooBox Shortcode Generator Preview

Click to Enlarge – FooBox Shortcode Generator Preview

A Heartfelt Thank You

I’d like to take the opportunity to give a big thanks to you, our loyal users.

Brad and I started our business partnership together by chance just about 18 months ago with the initial release of version 1.0 of FooBox. That led to many things, including the launch of our marketplace last April during WordCamp Miami.

In these past 18 months our team has grown to include Matt Cromwell, our Solutions Manager and several partnerships with other premium plugin vendors like John Turner, Chris Wiegman, Tom McFarlin, and Stephen Harris. And more vendors coming very soon.

Without our customers, our team, and our partners…we are nothing. So thanks to you for making FooBox and our FooPlugins business continue to be our passion and focus.


  1. Ghost says

    Glad to see the new updates and features, but kind of… meh… at the same time… this means FooBox just caught up to the other modal lightboxes in terms of video, iframe, html content? Your kind of late with that… it’s like Apple re-announcing a feature that other mobiles have had for a long time. Retina support is awesome though. Keep up the good work, FooBox is quality…

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback. It’s true that some other lightboxes have offered those features before FooBox. We concentrated on making FooBox the best it could be for images first and once we were satisfied with that, the time came to include the other media types.

      Rest assured we’re not done yet. There are a lot of other useful features planned:)

  2. janusz says

    you have a few things to work on, it`s not fully completed… video is over control icons, its not fully stretching … etec etc etc …

      • says

        ahh my bad, thought it had something to do with the new site, as i saw no purchases, wasnt sure if you were going to roll accounts over to this platform. thanks for the reply

    • says

      Hi Kev,

      It has been a longer 24-48 hours than you know;) Our apologies for the delay. We had some cleanup to do with FooBox v2.0 and some license migration issues, but those are settled now and we’re back to putting the Multisite extension to beta testing with a few people. Things are looking really good and we hope to have it ready for release very soon.

    • says

      The FooBox Shortcode Generator will be released after the Multisite extension mentioned above. We’re done making deadline promises, but I would venture to guess that the Generator will be ready to ship within a couple weeks.


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