FooBox + CyberChimps = A Fully Responsive WordPress Experience

Q: What do you get when you combine our FooBox Responsive Media Lightbox plugin with CyberChimps Responsive WordPress themes?

A: An easy to read and navigate user experience like no other for your visitors, no matter what device they load your site on.

FooPlugins and CyberChimps

FooPlugins and CyberChimps

FooPlugins and CyberChimps Partner to Bring Responsive Options to the Masses

Not familiar with CyberChimps Responsive themes? Let’s get you up to speed. Their official tagline is…

CyberChimps offers free & premium Responsive WordPress Themes including iFeature Pro, Responsive, Eclipse Pro, Business Pro, and more.

They don’t just “talk the talk”, there’s more than enough proof of their popularity by simply looking at the number of downloads of their Responsive theme on the WordPress theme repository in the image below.

Click to open and share with FooBox of course;)

Free Responsive WordPress Theme by CyberChimps

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Over 1.2 Million Downloads of this Free Responsive Theme

The sheer number of downloads of their responsive theme alone stands as proof of just how many people know the importance of offering a mobile device ready website for their visitors.

More Than Just the theme named Responsive

CyberChimps currently has 15 free themes available the .org repo but they also offer Pro versions of many of their themes, as well as the soon-to-be released iFeature responsive slider.

Enter Our FooBox Responsive Media Lightbox

If you’re already utilizing FooBox to enhance the display and social sharing capability of your images, video and other media, it only makes sense that you would want to offer the same responsive experience for all the content on your site with a theme that looks great on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

In the two years that FooBox has been available, we’ve seen some really amazing uses but we’ve also seen some websites fall short by not utilizing a responsive theme.

Our goal has always been to help your readers consume and interact with your content no matter what device they happen to be viewing it on.

Complimenting Each Other for the Betterment of Our Users

Our goals align perfectly with the goals of the CyberChimps team, so it only seemed natural to form a partnership in which we actively promote each other’s products, both free and paid.

Ensuring 100% Compatibility

It’s not enough to just promote each other though, we have worked closely with the CyberChimps team in testing our products together to ensure 100% compatibility.

Put simply, this means users will not have to worry about conflicts between our products. They will “just work” together to deliver an awesome responsive experience.

How This Partnership Works

It’s simple really.

In each of our free products (the Responsive Addons plugin and FooBox Free plugin), users will now see a recommendations area that makes them aware of the other’s products.

The Free Responsive Addons Plugin Notice

CyberChimps Recommends FooBox Lightbox

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The FooBox Free Plugin Notice

FooBox Lightbox Plugin Recommended Themes

Click to See What “FooBot Says…”

The same concept applies to the Pro versions of our products.

How About Some Discount Codes to Celebrate?

To save a cool 10% on any CyberChimps theme, just click this link and use code foobox during checkout.

Don’t own FooBox yet? Simply click this link and use code CYBERCHIMP30 to get a whopping 30% off of any license level you choose.

Expanding Our Recommendations

We’d like to offer a public thanks to the entire CyberChimps team for their foresight, professionalism, and willingness to move forward together. We expect nothing but good things to come from this partnership.

But that’s not all.

We’ve been working with other talented theme and plugin developers for some time, and now that we have the recommendations process in place, we’ll be announcing more additions in the coming weeks and months.

If you’ve been looking for high quality responsive themes, we highly recommend giving CyberChimps themes a look.


  1. Dave Doherty says

    Sorry if this is not the correct spot to ask this question – could not find any place else.
    Looking to use FooBox free to do this: (from your FAQs)
    Can I launch a whole Gallery in FooBox from one image? – but I don’t see the “Extra JS” field” in the free version of the advanced tab – so I assume it’s a “pro only” feature?

    Then I thought I could do it with NetGen 2 gallery but:
    Open a NextGen Gallery Album in FooBox from the Album Cover
    NOTE: This feature is NOT compatible with NextGen 2.0.

    Am I out of luck unless I buy the Pro version?

    Also can you tell me where I can see that the different pro levels are Multi vs Business….


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