Gems of Docs: FooBox OnLoad Shortcode


Seriously, ask yourself this question: “Is there anything FooBox CAN’T do!?” I mean, it’s a lightbox for images, galleries, maps, videos, slides, PDFs, forms. Now this short article will show you how it can also be a lead generation tool. FooBox OnLoad Shortcode First, go check out our detailed documentation on making FooBox load when… [Read More] and FooBox


As a frequent presenter in various venues, I always have an eye out for new and unique tools for doing presentations. Gone are the days when PowerPoint ruled the presentation ecosphere. A favorite among WordCamp presenters is SpeakerDeck. It’s great because it has some really useful social sharing options. You can follow “speakers” and get… [Read More]

How to Enlarge Thumbnails in the Media Library

Media Thumbnail Enlarger Before and After

Our friend Nick Ciske has recently released the Media Thumbnail Enlarger plugin for free on the WordPress repository. What This Plugin Does This plugin increases the size of the media library thumbnails seen when viewing your WordPress Media Library page. By default, it uses the thumbnail size as determined in your WordPress Media Settings. This… [Read More]