FooLicensing Digital License Key Management Plugin Now Available for Developers

FooPlugins License Managment

When we started our business years ago, we decided to use Easy Digital Downloads as the backend that powered our product sales and management and we still utilize EDD to this day. It’s an incredibly powerful plugin with hundreds of extensions to handle whatever eCommerce feature a user may need. EDD offers a license creation and… [Read More]

We Asked. You Answered. We Listened.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.26.42 AM

In our last post we asked the question “Should We Build an AdSense Extension for FooBox?” in the form of a user Poll. The answers were surprising at first, but after reading the helpful commentary from you, it became obvious that this was not only something the majority of you didn’t want but also something… [Read More]

WordPress Brute Force Attack Checklist

Sucuri WordPress Attack Statistics

You probably know that in the past week there have been some massive brute force attacks on WordPress powered sites. Or perhaps you didn’t know this. Either way, we’ve written up this WordPress Brute Force Attack checklist to help you maintain the security of your site. And help avoid the huge headache that comes in… [Read More]